Abolition de postes dans les bibliothèques scolaires

L’APTDQ a été très touchée d’apprendre dernièrement l’abolition de plusieurs postes dans les bibliothèques scolaires. Nous avons donc manifesté notre désapprobation vis à vis de ces coupes par l’envoi d’une lettre à la Fédération des commissions scolaires du Québec, au premier ministre du Québec, au ministre de l’Éducation et à différents médias.

Pour consulter notre lettre de réaction cliquez ici :
Abolition de postes dans les commissions scolaires juin 2015


Une réponse à “Abolition de postes dans les bibliothèques scolaires”

  1. Emilia Quintana dit :

    Librarians are very important to schools. They support teachers, help build literacy skills in students, provide a safe haven in very busy schools for many students, they are an integral part of all schools.
    As a former volunteer, I can tell you that volunteers cannot do the work of librarians. Volunteers know nothing about acqusions, collection development, cataloguing, research skills, to name but a few of our librarians competencies.
    What is going to happen to all those library collection that have been lovingly put together? My heart goes out to the students of underprivileged schools where there are not even volunteers. Mark my words, if this goes through those libraries will go to seed within 1-2 years. Then what?
    As taxpayers, we ask you to reconsider your decision. School boards are top heavy. How can they justify all those managing positions, all those consultants, all those paper-pusher. Cut down the burocracy. Do not hurt students by cutting anyone who works directly with them!

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